Are Silver Amalgam Mercury Fillings Dangerous?

Posted on: Friday, March 10th, 2017

For better or for worse, silver amalgam mercury fillings are very commonplace in our country. Despite the FDA’s 2009 declaration that amalgam fillings are safe for adults and children over the age of six, scientific evidence continues to prove that the prevalence of amalgam mercury fillings in the mouths of Americans is indeed “for worse.”

The Dangers of Mercury

Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin, and all amalgam fillings consist of 50 percent mercury with a blend of silver, tin, and copper. Health professionals have long warned of the dangers of excessive mercury exposure, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has very specific regulations regarding mercury limits. From the act that phased out the use of mercury batteries in the 1990s to the Clean Air Act that labels mercury as a hazardous air pollutant, the importance of minimizing mercury exposure has been well established. Based on this, it is simply baffling that the FDA would still approve the use of mercury directly in somebody’s mouth!

According to the World Health Organization, even a small amount of mercury exposure can cause serious health problems due to its toxic effects on the nervous, digestive, and immune systems of the body. This means that mercury can lead to autoimmune disease, chronic illness, mental disorders, and more.

The Contribution of Amalgam Fillings to Mercury Exposure

Studies show that amalgam fillings generate mercury vapor exposure that varies from 3 micrograms/day up to 27 micrograms/day. That equates to anywhere from 3 percent to nearly 70 percent of the mercury exposure allowed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Since habits like chewing gum, drinking carbonated drinks, and teeth grinding can all increase the generation of mercury vapors, some people are subjected to even higher levels of exposure. Depending on these factors and the number and age of amalgam fillings in the mouth, symptoms of mercury poisoning can range from weight loss, anxiety, and depression to fatigue, chest pain, joint aches, loss of concentration, and much more.

Scandinavian countries have already banned the use of amalgam fillings for health and environmental reasons, and studies completed in Sweden have provided valuable proof regarding the impact of amalgam mercury fillings on the body. Patients with neurological conditions and other health issues like Chronic Fatigue had their amalgam fillings safely removed, and a full 78 percent reported improvement to their health. As Griffin Cole, the president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) succinctly summarized, “We have banned mercury in disinfectants, thermometers, and many other consumer products… There is no magic formula that then makes mercury safe when it’s put into our mouths. It’s inexcusable to use mercury in dental fillings when there are much safer alternatives.”

Options For Safe Removal

While all of this information is undoubtedly concerning, there is a bit of good news. With the help of a holistic dentist like Dr. Beata Carlson who specializes in amalgam filling removal, it is possible to remove dangerous mercury fillings without placing the body at any further risk of exposure. Dr. Carlson follows the IAOMT protocol for removing amalgam fillings by taking specific precautions that prevent mercury exposure, including a strong dry suction to eliminate any vapors. In addition, Dr. Carlson replaces amalgam fillings with safe biocompatible materials and then supports patients as they detoxify from mercury by taking specific supplements and eating foods high in sulphur after removal.

Dr. Beata A. Carlson, DDS, provides holistic dentistry services to Clearwater, Largo, St. Pete, and all surrounding areas. If you suspect that you are suffering the health consequences of amalgam fillings, contact her today at 727-888-6523 or to begin safely ridding your body of this harmful toxin.

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