Teeth Whitening & Deep Bleaching Clearwater

There are a number of approaches to whitening the teeth:

Over-the-counter bleach is not as strong a concentration as the professional whitening materials used in the dental office.

Liquid Smile is a paint-on Professional-strength whitening material that is better than over the counter, but washes off easily due to saliva flow.

Professional Take home whitening trays. These trays are made in the dental office and are clear and fit over your teeth. You wear them 30 minutes to 1 hour daily for 2 weeks and your teeth get whiter.

1 Hour In-Office Whitening – like Zoom™ – made famous on Extreme Makeover. Extremely strong whitening material is placed on your teeth in the office.

zoomDEEP BLEACHING™ – This is an all new technique getting results on even the most resistant color teeth. Dr. Carlson and Dr. Gilton have found the DEEP BLEACHING™ Technique guarantees dazzlingly whiter teeth. Don’t whiten your teeth until you read further. The 1 hour whitening does not always work, or fades immediately UNLESS combined in an exact way with other techniques. DEEP BLEACHING™ is a new way of combining a new special type of at-home bleach trays and 2 visits of 1 hour whitening, plus other important refinements in technique. If you are serious about having white white teeth, DEEP BLEACHING™ is for you. It is a whole process of conditioning and readying the teeth to accept the oxygen molecules that help whiten the teeth. The results are phenomenal. If you haven’t been happy with the results of your whitening, you will find the new Deep Bleaching Technique blows all others away. Rather than us trying to explain something so effective, that gives such amazing results, you should stop by to see our portfolio of before and after photos.

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