Holistic Dentistry for Kids

Posted on: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

A child’s oral health is a vital component of his overall wellness, so it’s never too early to utilize holistic dentistry to maintain a healthy mouth. Baby teeth begin emerging around six months of age, and by your child’s third birthday he will have all 20 primary teeth! These new, vulnerable teeth need to be protected from decay, and the best strategies incorporate a variety of holistic techniques.

Begin Healthy Habits At Home

Even before you visit the dentist, you can help your child embrace strong oral hygiene habits in a number of ways. This should begin before your baby even has any teeth: use a warm washcloth or piece of soft gauze to clean the gums. Once teeth erupt, use water and a soft toothbrush to wash away bacteria every morning and night. Toothpaste is best introduced around the age of two, but be sure to select an option without fluoride, since many studies have linked fluoride exposure to health issues and toxicity.

Your child’s food and drink habits will also impact the health of his teeth. It’s important that you never send your child to bed with a bottle that contains anything other than water. When a child goes to bed drinking milk or juice, the sugars sit on the teeth all night and create breeding grounds for decay. The snacks that your child eats are important as well, since sticky and sugary snacks will stick to the teeth and make decay nearly inevitable. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best snack choices, both for preserving oral health and also for encouraging strong nutrition.

How Is Holistic Dentistry Different?

Once you establish healthy habits in your child’s daily routine, your next important step is to find a qualified and reliable holistic dentist who can provide your child with the highest level of care. A holistic dentist believes that oral health is completely interconnected to overall health, so she takes your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing into account when preventing, diagnosing, and treating oral problems. Furthermore, a holistic dentist will only use biocompatible and non-toxic restorative materials that will not put your child in harm’s way.

Chances are, your child’s holistic dentist will also go out of her way to help your child feel comfortable and relaxed at the dentist. By creating a positive and encouraging environment from the very first visit, your child can make positive associations with the dentist and realize that visiting the dentist is not meant to create fear and anxiety.

Overall, by starting your child’s dental journey with a holistic dentist, you can ensure that his oral health will be maintained through gentle, conservative, natural, and minimally invasive methods. This will not only give your child the incredible gift of going through life with a bright, beautiful smile he can feel proud of, but also the gift of strong health not weakened or impacted by an infected mouth.

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