Holistic Remedies to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Posted on: Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Visiting the dentist every six months is essential to maintaining strong oral health, but dental anxiety can transform a simple visit into a stressful and upsetting experience. Children and adults alike struggle with dental anxiety, but fortunately natural solutions do exist. The following holistic remedies will help you or your child complete an entire dental visit with minimal fear and nervousness.

Essential Oils to Manage Anxiety

Essential oils have been used since antiquity for medicinal and aromatic purposes, but only recently have their therapeutic values been rediscovered by the masses. They are the oils extracted from flowers, bark, leaves, and roots of plants, and they are never diluted with chemicals or other additives. This means that essential oils provide completely pure, natural medicinal benefits.

There are a number of essential oils that are known to reduce and combat feelings of anxiety, and they smell great too! Lavender is the most popular anti-anxiety oil because it has a calming and relaxing effect when diffused into the air or massaged onto the skin. Rose is also a calming oil that can alleviate panic attacks. Orange essential oil is receiving revived attention for keeping heart pulse rates under control during periods of anxiety, especially in children. Chamomile and bergamot also make the list of essential oils that will help you naturally overcome your anxiety!

Distract Yourself

Focusing on your anxiety will only make matters worse! Rather than sitting in the waiting room and allowing yourself to be overcome with dread, find a distracting activity. Read a favorite book, color, or even plug in your headphones and watch Netflix on your phone. You can use this same technique while you’re in the dentist chair, though you may need to adapt your activities a bit! Music is not only a distraction but also a mood booster.

Use Natural Supplements

Natural Vitality offers an incredible line of products called Natural Calm that combat stress and anxiety using magnesium. By supplementing with Natural Calm before your dentist appointment, you will help your muscles and nerves function properly, keep your heart rhythm steady, and be able to keep your cool in the dentist’s chair. Natural Calm is available in powder and gummy form for the most convenience!

Be Honest With Your Dentist

Let your dentist know that you struggle with dental anxiety before you even arrive for your appointment. You might be surprised to see what she puts in place for you! A diffuser in the waiting room can be used to calm you down while you wait, and your holistic dentist may even incorporate essential oils into your procedure to continue to alleviate your anxiety throughout. Deep breathing throughout your treatment is also a powerful method to keep your body’s relaxation response active. If you let your dentist know ahead of time that this is a strategy you need to use, she can structure your appointment around your controlled breathing activities. This will slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

When you are facing dental anxiety, you don’t need to skip your appointment or rely on dangerous sedatives to get you through. Just use these holistic remedies and turn to Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry in Clearwater, Florida for your oral care. Dr. Carlson and Dr. Gilton will work with you to ensure that you remain calm and relaxed throughout your procedure. Call (727) 888-6523 to make your appointment today.

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