The Dangers of Fluoride

Posted on: Monday, May 20th, 2019

Unfortunately, most Americans consume about 300 percent of the “recommended” daily amount of fluoride. Fluoride is in your water, your food, and your oral hygiene products. It is important to understand the dangers of fluoride.

Effects on Mental Health and Nervous System

Fluoride has detrimental effects on the brain. It can decrease some chemicals like dopamine and increase others like serotonin. This imbalance can cause mental health problems, problems with memory, and problems with mental clarity. The effects also extend to your central nervous system, which can lead to other symptoms such as hyperactivity and cognitive deficits.

Cancer Causing

Fluoride has been linked to several different types of cancer, particularly when it is in the tap water in high concentrations. While not everyone who consumes too much fluoride is at risk for cancer, too much fluoride in your diet can increase your risk for many different types of cancer.


Too much fluoride in the body, called fluoridation, has also been linked to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can decrease your metabolism, making it impossible to lose weight and too easy to gain weight, and causing fatigue. Hypothyroidism has other symptoms as well, including hair loss in both men and women. This condition typically lasts throughout your life and requires regular daily medication to manage.

What are some of the most common sources of fluoride?

Dental products: Unfortunately 95% of toothpaste and other dental products such as dental floss and even mouthwash contains fluoride, be sure to choose products that do not contain any fluoride.

Processed beverages and foods: Studies have shown that sodas, juices, sports drinks, beers, and many other processed foods, including infant foods, now have elevated fluoride levels.

Pesticides: Fluoride is used in some pesticides to kill insects and other pests. As a result of fluoride pesticide use, some food products–particularly grape products, dried fruit, dried beans, cocoa. Choosing local and organic produce.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to avoid fluoride all together.

If you have any more questions about fluoride do not hesitate to ask us!

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