true-regeneration-logoLaser Assisted Gum Disease Treatment

Patients in treatment for years, with little improvement, see miraculous decreases in pocket size from 8mm to 2mm with non-surgical Laser gum therapy.

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

Avoid painful gum surgery with the gentler, kinder, more effective laser gum treatment

LANAP Protocol

The best way to clear away the bacteria that causes gum disease is through a procedure called the LANAP protocol. This is a procedure that uses laser-assisted dentistry to clear away bacteria that causes gum disease while leaving the healthy gum tissue and bone intact. This treatment for gum disease is preferred over traditional gum surgery because it has faster healing times and doesn’t affect healthy tissue.

What to Expect

When you first go to the dentist for this procedure, you will get a complete examination. On your first treatment, loose teeth are splinted so that they do not fall out during the procedure. One side of the mouth is treated during the first visit, with the other side of the mouth being treated at a subsequent visit. The procedure takes about two hours.

You may have some pain after the initial procedure, although everyone’s pain tolerance is different. You will probably experience at least some mild soreness. Your gums might also look different and be a bit discolored. You should not brush or floss during or immediately after the treatment. You can resume brushing and flossing in seven days. Continue to wear the splints, if you have them, until you are instructed otherwise by your dentist.




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Before and After LANAP protocol


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