The Perio Protect System


To maintain a clean environment under the gums, we custom make “Perio Protect Trays”™. These are clear trays inside which medication is placed. These trays are designed so that they form a seal to hold the disinfectant against the gum “pockets” and keep the medication from being flushed out. This is a major breakthrough, because the problem has been keeping the medication from being flushed out and also being able to apply it often enough. The “Perio Trays”™ have solved this problem in that they hold the disinfectant in place; and you keep the trays and continue to apply the disinfectant treatment as many times a day as needed.

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A link has been discovered between periodontal disease and heart attacks and other heart illnesses. People with Periodontal disease (over half the adult population) have a bacterial infection that causes chronic inflammation of the gums. This infection opens a pathway for this bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Studies indicate that the bacteria in periodontal disease may cause blood clots. When blood clots escape into the bloodstream, there is a relation to increased risk of heart attacks and other heart illnesses.

We treat periodontal (gum) disease very conservatively with breakthrough methods that are helping hundreds of patients improve their condition and avoid life-threatening problems, as well as enabling them to keep their teeth. When the bacteria eat away the gums and the bone (which is visible only on x-rays), then the teeth lose their support and fall out. Gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss.


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