All About a Healthy Mouth

Posted on: Friday, December 22nd, 2017

It’s no secret that you should keep your body health, but don’t forget that your mouth needs to be included in your efforts! By understanding what a healthy mouth looks like and learning strategies that can keep your mouth clean, you will continue to enjoy a high quality of life and prevent unwanted diseases.

Important Signs of a Healthy Mouth

Just like a healthy heart beats at a steady pace and pumps blood efficiently, a healthy mouth has certain characteristics as well. The first is healthy gums. Gums are meant to be pink, firm, and flush with your teeth. If your gums look red, white, swollen, tender, or separated from your teeth, you need to see a dentist! Flossing and oil pulling are both excellent techniques that keep your gums healthy by removing damaging bacteria and plaque.

Strong teeth, including those that have been restored, are also necessary for a healthy mouth. Tiny cracks and decay may not be visible to you in the mirror, but your dentist can identify the subtle beginning stages that threaten the strength of your teeth. The sooner you resolve those issues, the healthier your teeth will remain.

In addition to healthy gums and strong teeth, you should have pleasant- or at least neutral- breath. Chronic bad breath is an indicator that bacteria has accumulated in your mouth to a dangerous level. Sinus issues, diabetes, and other health issues can also cause bad breath, as can certain medications. If attentive oral hygiene doesn’t fix this problem, see your holistic dentist for natural treatment options.

Delicious Foods to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Brushing, flossing, and oil pulling aren’t the only ways to keep your mouth healthy! A great deal of your oral health is also determined by the foods you eat! It’s obvious that sugary treats and fried foods don’t do any favors to your body or mouth, but there are certain foods that actively keep your teeth and gums protected.

For example, dairy products and almonds are rich in calcium, while pumpkin seeds, eggs, and tofu are rich in phosphorus. These nutrients are the building blocks of enamel so they will contribute to the strength and resilience of your teeth. Celery, apples, cucumbers, and carrots, meanwhile, are water-rich foods that stimulate the production of saliva as you chew. Since saliva is largely responsible for clearing bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth, this is critical!

There are so many other foods that will positively contribute to a healthy mouth! Yogurt and kombucha offer probiotics with healthy bacteria, fruits and beans are rich in antioxidants to fight periodontal disease, and peppers, broccoli, and strawberries are loaded with vitamin C to reduce inflammation.

Making strategic (and delicious!) food choices is a powerful way to support your existing oral health routine and maintain signs of a strong, functional mouth for years to come. It is important to work with a dentist who understands all of this, so call (727) 888-6523 to make an appointment at Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Carlson and Dr. Gilton are holistic dentists who believe in the power of using a well-rounded arsenal of strategies to keep your mouth beautiful.

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