How to Maintain Dental Health During the Holidays

Posted on: Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

The celebrations of the Holiday Season make it easy to become disconnected from your normal routine, including your oral care routine. To make matters worse for your teeth and gums, holiday treats ranging from eggnog to apple pie are usually sugary and acidic. If you become too distracted by your merriment this holiday season, you’ll ignore your oral health and wake up in the New Year with a mouthful of misery.

Try to use these tips to maintain your dental wellness during the holidays and embrace the New Year with great oral health.

Make a Routine and Stick to It

A routine can feel tricky when you’re busier than usual, but only a steady routine can protect your teeth and gums. Establish a routine you know you can stick to every morning and night, and don’t let yourself skip it just because you’re tired or in a hurry.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are the three most essential components of your routine, but adding in habits like tongue scraping and oil pulling will bring your oral health to the next level. Be sure to hold yourself accountable – your hard work will definitely pay off when you survive the holidays without a cavity!

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Food temptations are everywhere this time of year! From hard candies and decadent desserts to alcohol, it’s all too easy to eat and drink items that may damage your teeth or leave bacteria behind.

Stay on high alert for taffy, caramel, and other sticky candies that can stick to your tooth enamel and cause decay or further damage sensitive teeth. Also remember not to chew on hard candy or treats like peanut brittle, since you’re likely to crack a tooth.

Of course, it’s also wise to enjoy unhealthy foods in moderation. Add vegetables and other healthy items to your plate as much as possible. If you can’t brush your teeth soon after eating a sugary treat, remember that foods like almonds and apples are actually healthy for your teeth and help stimulate saliva to clear food particles away. Swishing with water is also an easy technique at a party!

Don’t Fill Your Stocking With Tempting Treats

Don’t overload on gifts that will tempt you into making bad decisions. Instead of chocolates and treats, stuff your stockings with fun electric toothbrushes and other tools that can help you and your family improve your oral health all year long.

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