Ozone: Holistic Dentistry

Posted on: Saturday, June 10th, 2017

It might sound like a strange idea to use ozone as a medical technique, but when used correctly O3 can actually serve as a powerful tool in preserving and repairing oral health.  As a naturally occurring substance that is completely free from toxicity and side effects, ozone can be used in the fight against periodontal disease, decay, and sensitivity.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is most commonly known in relation to the ozone layer, which is situated in the earth’s upper atmosphere to absorb the sun’s most harmful rays. It is simply a chemical compound that consists of three atoms of oxygen, rather than the two atoms of oxygen in the air that we breathe. The ozone that is used for medical purposes is created by sending pure oxygen through a generator that creates pure ozone in either liquid or gas form.

How Does Ozone Function?

Since ozone is negatively charged, it is attracted to anything with a positive charge in order to have a neutralizing effect. The dangerous cells in the body like viruses, cancer cells, and free radicals tend to carry positive charges, so ozone particles quickly and effectively destroy them. Research shows that ozone is one of the most powerful yet natural substances capable of killing harmful bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites. In fact, research in Europe demonstrated that ozone is capable of killing pathogenic organisms a full 3,500 times faster than standard procedures without any of the toxic side effects and byproducts.

Using Ozone in Holistic Dentistry

Ozone has many different applications in dentistry thanks to its ability to fight disease.

First of all, it can be used to help treat periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease. Periodontal disease develops when the gums are infected with bacteria that has the power to destroy the support structures of the teeth and jawbone. Signs of periodontal disease include swollen gums, bleeding when brushing or flossing, and loose teeth. When periodontal disease goes untreated, the results are potentially devastating. Fortunately, ozonated water can be flushed below the gum line, or ozone gas can be directed into the gum tissue, to eliminate bacteria and infection and restore the mouth back to health.

Along the same lines, ozone is very valuable in preventing and minimizing decay. This is because ozone kills the bacteria that causes decay. In gas form, ozone is able to penetrate into difficult-to-reach areas like below the gum line and into the grooves of the teeth to kill any bacteria that is lurking and encouraging decay. This type of ozone treatment will keep teeth free from cavities and help resolve existing cavities without the need for further restoration.

Ozone can even be used to address sensitivity! When ozone floods a sensitive area in liquid or gas form, it hardens the structure of compromised teeth, which in turn minimizes sensitivity.   

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